Who are we…?

Well, hit play to watch the short video gallery below to see just a small bit of how we can help you and your Campervan(s).

It’s certainly no Hollywood blockbuster but we think it gets the point across!

(All the usual stuff about who we actually are as people is underneath the video)


Cube Upholstery was started in 2008 by us, Andrew and Tina Clarke. We have over 50 years of experience in the upholstery trade between us -we’re spring chickens really- are City & Guilds qualified and are now about to enter our 11th year of trading.

Tina C (1) camper upholstery ABOUT US Tina C 1

Call us today for more information or to arrange your appointment on 0115 8370619 or email us at: hello@cubecamperupholstery.co.uk