Thinking of Leather for your Campervans re-trim?

There’s a few things to consider before taking the plunge…


1. Leather is a premium product and so comes with a premium price. This can push the price of a re-trim up considerably.

2. Leather is a natural product and by that nature it’s not a perfect product. It can contain scars and some parts can be more wrinkled than others – just look at your own skin (sorry!)

We always do our best to cut around scars and other imperfections in the leather but you should be aware of it’s properties before you go ahead and choose it for your campervan upholstery.

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thEJ5NTLXA  Campervans, leather and Marmite! thEJ5NTLXAWe find leather to be like Marmite – some people love it, some hate it. Yes it can feel cold in winter and hot in the summer. It may even go a little baggy over time, although this should be minimised by using automotive leathers.

Has all the above put you off leather? Would you still like the look of leather at a more cost effective price? Not to worry – there are some great soft vinyls that have the look and feel of leather without all of the drawbacks….including the price!

If you’d like to discuss whether leather may or may not be for you then get in touch by either calling 0115 837 0619 or email us at