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Campervan conversion companies and dealers looking to increase their sales should give some serious thinking time to their vans interiors – more specifically- the upholstery, or trim.

A van with stylish and top quality upholstery made for comfort and looks, adds that luxurious element to the van that everybody wants.

Luxury shouldn’t just be for celeb’s.

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not only will your stock stand out from everyone else’s resulting in more sales,

but your company will also stand out.

In a competitive market like campervan sales is,

it’s the going the extra mile that’ll bring in the sales.

In a sea of copycat, me too businesses it’s the ones that use the best quality products,

from the best suppliers – who can, and do guarantee their work that will win.

Scrimping is a false economy.

Campervan upholstery with Bentley stitch.  How to sell more Campervans IMG 0435 2 300x242

Campervan upholstery with Bentley stitch.


If you’re looking for a supplier of quality and stylish campervan upholstery, from a company with tonnes of experience working with trade customers just like you,

have many years experience in the art and craft of upholstery,

and guarantee their work…

Check out our trade page right here

Here’s to shifting more of those vans!

Cheers, Tina Clarke 🙂