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It’s not always just about pimping a ride!

It’s not always just about pimping a ride here at Cube Upholstery H.Q.!!! . . Of course it’s always great when a customer leaves our workshop happy. In fact we guarantee they WILL! BUT, it’s not just about quality upholstery and good looks(!) here you know. Sometimes it’s about solving a customer’s specific problem too…       .
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How to sell more Campervans

  Campervan conversion companies and dealers looking to increase their sales should give some serious thinking time to their vans interiors – more specifically- the upholstery, or trim. A van with stylish and top quality upholstery made for comfort and looks, adds that luxurious element to the van that everybody wants. Luxury shouldn’t just be for celeb’s. Give your customers the VIP treatment,     not only will your stock stand out from everyone else’s resulting in more sales, but your company will also stand out. In a competitive market like campervan sales is, it’s the going the extra mile
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Do you care for your campervans upholstery?

Want to keep your campervans upholstery – and your 3 piece suite – in tip top condition? Here’s a few things you should do and NOT do… Regular dusting with a clean, soft lint free cloth. Vacuum regularly with a soft brush. Dust and crumbs are the enemy, causing premature wearing of your upholstery. Remove light staining with a clean damp cloth and use a solution of mild soap and water. If you spill your drink, blot excess liquid IMMEDIATELY with a clean absorbent cloth or sponge. Dry with a clean cloth and allow to dry naturally – DO NOT
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